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Chivalry 2 Cross-Play Closed Beta

medieval knight

Return to the ultimate medieval battlefield

If Chivalry 2 plays as well as it looks then its going to be a pretty amazing game to play i mean who doesnt want to be a Knight slasher their way to glory.

Chivarlry 2

A multiplayer first-person game, inspired by epic medieval movie battles. Players are thrust into the action of every iconic moment of the era –from clashing swords, to storms of flaming arrows, sprawling castle sieges, and more. Dominate massive battlefields while catapults tear the earth apart as players lay siege to castles, set fire to villages, and slaughter filthy peasants in the return of Team Objective maps.

medieval war game

Chivalry 2 Cross-Play Closed Beta content includes: 

  • Cross-Play: Cross-Play smashes the boundaries between PC and console, allowing players on all platforms to face-off on the battlefield together.
  • New map – The Siege of Rudhelm: In the first public hands-on of Chivalry 2 since PAX East 2020, experience the return of the fan-favorite Team Objective mode and join attacking or defending teams as 64-players vie for control of a well-fortified castle in a never-before-seen map.
  • More modes: In addition to an additional massive Team Objective map called The Fall of Lionspire, closed beta participants can also sharpen their skills in Team Deathmatch maps The Battle of Wardenglade and Tournament Grounds.
  • Massive scale: 64 players in sprawling, multi-stage Team Objective maps, complete with epic castle sieges, forest ambushes and good old medieval pillaging.
  • Subclass system: Your arsenal expands with the new subclass system that provides more variety than ever before. Four base classes expand to 12 subclasses, including the Skirmisher, a melee/ranged hybrid – to the Poleman, a fighter who keeps foes at bay with long-distance melee. 
  • Win with any weapon: Own the field with a variety of heavy siege engines including Ballistae, Catapults, Trebuchet, Battering Rams, Mantlets, Spike Traps, Ladders and more. Utilize traps to defend, including spikes, bear traps, and more. You can even deal damage with a smorgasbord of “found items” on the battlefield. Try downing a cup of mead and deal a killing blow with the empty chalice or finish off a foe by smashing him in the face with a flaming chicken! 
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About Torn Banner Studios

Torn Banner Studios is an exciting independent video game company located in Toronto, Canada. Passion and innovation are the core elements of everything that we do. We are people that truly love games and are lucky enough to be following our dreams, thanks to the incredible support from our community.

Beta Test

Chivalry 2 Cross-Play Closed Beta. Starting today, Friday, April 23 at 10:30am EDT* and running through Monday, April 26 at 10:30pm EDT, players can experience the ultimate medieval battlefield with Cross-Play enabled across all major gaming platforms, including PC (via Epic Games Store), the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 computer entertainment systems, the Xbox One family of devices, and the Xbox Series X|S console systems.
*note: Closed Beta start/end times may differ on consoles


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