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Persia 550-330 BCE Download

Slitherine and AGEOD’s Grand strategy

With Field of Glory: Empires, players conquered the Mediterranean in the Rome era. Now it is time to travel back time. Slitherine and AGEOD’s Grand strategy 4x, so successful among players to have “Very Positive” rating on Steam, will have the first DLC on May 21st: Persia 550-330 BCE will take the players in the era of the lightning-fast ascension of Persia from a humble kingdom to one of the largest empire history has known.

Empires first DLC, Persia

Like Cyrus the Great, players will have to overthrow powerful neighbours: Media, ancient Babylon and her mighty cities, or Lydia with riches beyond any wildest dream. Not far from Persia, Athens and Sparta are vying for supremacy over the Hellenic world, and soon the Achaemenid Empire and the western nations will be on a collision course.

The ultimate challenge will be to start as an unknown underdog, maybe a modest Italian city or the newly founded Carthage, still far from being the Empire seen in the original game.

New in the Persia DLC: Regional decisions

Each nation will get a new set of tools to further his goals, with regional decisions. Players will have the opportunity to federate with some barbarians, fund a new colony, force march an army or even prospect for natural resources. In addition to the 15 common “decisions” each nation can use, Persia, Athens and Sparta have a few specific to them, to tailor their experience further in a historical way. Intervening in Hellenic affair, declaring the Olympic games or recruiting mercenary hoplites, to name some, will all be possible courses of action.


New in the Persia DLC: Impediments and Perks

The new campaign starts two centuries before the original Empires campaign. To keep the experience focused on the nations of importance at this time while at the same time adding replayability to all games, including the base game, Slitherine and AGEOD added numerous peripheral regions impediments and boons. These are special natural sites that will often hamper development in a creative way until the player fixes the issue. Boons are the positive side of impediments and are rarer but will make certain regions even more unique. Players might encounter Impenetrable Forests, Nauseous Swamps, Bandits or might be blessed in some select regions by a rich soil, an oasis, or even a sacred grove. With more than 80 Impediments and Boons, expect the unexpected: two games will never be the same

New in the Persia DLC: Nations and special events

Every major nation of this time has received “special” treatment. Don’t expect to play Persia as you play Athens or Lydia. Each, through events, missions, national modifiers, special units, and specific buildings will play differently. We know you have been many to praise Empires for its varied custom content on many nations. The same approach has been taken in the Persia DLC, for a fresh experience.


Fight the tactical battles in Field of Glory II

Like in Field of Glory: Empires, players will be able to export their battles to the wargame simulator Field of Glory II and fight them with the deeper tactical engine. There is no need to buy any additional content for Field of Glory II, the players will just need the base game.