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Combat Mission Battle for Normandy

Matrix Games


From D-Day to Market Garden, the full Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy franchise is available on Steam for the first time

One of the most-played 3D strategy games in videogame history finally comes to Steam. Matrix Games and Battlefront are proud to announce that from now on the entire Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy franchise is available on Steam. 

Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy is considered a 3D strategy classic. Produced by Battlefront since 2011, the Battle for Normandy franchise lets players recreate World War II battles in an exceptionally realistic, dynamic way: from D-Day to the liberation of the north of occupied France, to the Allied assault of the Market Garden for the bridges of Holland and Belgium. A total of four campaigns, 21 standalone scenarios, and a plethora of quick battles will keep you glued to Combat Mission’s battlefields for dozens of hours. With the four DLC available for Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy, players can control British, American and German troops, for a total of almost 100 different tanks and military vehicles.

“After the extraordinary success of the Steam versions of Combat Mission: Cold War and Shock Force 2, the release of Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy is the natural next step, which bears witness to the excellent, lasting partnership between Matrix Games and Battlefront. A peerless classic amongst 3D strategy games had to be on the most important PC market store as well as on our store,” said Marco Minoli, Matrix Games/Slitherine CMO. 

All the latest in the Steam version. As well as being more accessible and constantly updated to the latest version available, the Steam version of Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy lets you play multiplayer with Matrix Games/Slitherine’s proven proprietary PBEM system, and to participate in free online tournaments organised at The Steam version is fully compatible with previous versions of Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy

The entire Combat Mission franchise has a discount of up to 40% to celebrate Battle for Normandy launch on Steam.  

Battle for Normandy

Commonwealth Forces includes British, Canadian and Polish Allied forces as well as Waffen SS and Luftwaffe Field Divisions. There are 43 additional vehicles, including the British Sherman Firefly and the Jagdpanther, and two extra campaigns, where players can lead His Majesty’s forces in the assault on Caen, and German forces trying to escape the Falaise Pocket. 

Market Garden

Market Garden extends the conflict to the famous air transport operation of the same name over the Netherlands and Belgium. There are 50 new vehicles and American, British and Polish paratrooper formations will attempt to blitz and capture bridges leading to the heart of Germany intact, with two campaigns and 14 standalone scenarios. 

Vehicle Pack

Vehicle Pack adds a number of less well-known tanks and military vehicles compared to the classic Shermans and Tigers. For example, German U304(f) halftracks, captured by French forces from the Axis in 1940, or deadly Churchill Crocodiles armed with flamethrowers. Vehicle Pack includes 19 vehicles and 5 anti-tank bunkers which are not in the main game and other DLC in Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy.

Battle Pack

Battle Pack 1 expands the conflict with a series of battles connecting the aftermath of D-Day to Operation Market Garden scenarios. The campaign in the DLC will put players in control of the British 2nd Army from the Seine to Belgium and beyond, as far as the lower Rhine. An additional 12 Standalone battles and 20 quick battle maps. Battle Pack 1 requires the main game and all three previous DLC (Commonwealth Forces, Market Garden, and Vehicle Pack). 

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