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Command Modern Operations Red Tide

Command Red Tide

Red Tide, a new DLC from Command Modern Operations

What if” conflict betweenNATO and Communist powers; a theoretical sequel of the “Northern Inferno 1975”. Tensions explode in the Norwegian Sea when a standoff takes place between a NATO Destroyer and a Soviet Submarine, which drew both Powers into a rapidly escalating war that draws in Neighbours and super powers alike.

Command vast air and naval forces as war rages across all areas of the World including the Pacific, North Atlantic, South China Sea to name a few. Take control of your forces either NATO or Soviet Union as the conflict demands that every resource you have is pressed into service.

Command Modern Operations

Plan your naval strategy carefully, you will require the mutual support of the entire fleet if you are to ensure that your enemies are crushed decisively.

Dominating the battlespace will allow you to blind your enemy’s ability to communicate and coordinate.

Ensure the victory of your forces through thoughtful strategy and planning. Creative deployment will be needed to overcome deficiencies in your mix of modern and outdated forces.

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Matrix Games page:

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– Guide your Forces to victory in a multi-sided campaign.

– Manage old and new, using aging equipment pressed into service as the situation becomes desperate.

– Conduct Amphibious Operations and hold the line as Soviet Forces steam roller through Norway.

– Dismantle Carrier Strike Groups in the Mediterranean and North Atlantic with Regiments of Backfires and Badgers.

– Perform deep strikes into enemy territory to neutralize high value targets.

– Race against the clock as the enemy prepares to escalate the conflict.

Matrix Games

List of Scenarios:

The Bedford Incident

Kobayashi Maru

Unwanted Visitors

Fire Cracker

Trident Spear


Commerce Raider

Enemy at the Gate

Deja Vu


Hells Highway

End Game

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