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Field of Glory: Empires is out!

Strategy Game

From the sunny beaches of Carthage to the frozen limits of the world in Caledonia, from the Iberic Peninsula to the exotic empires of the east: are you ready to conquer all known world?

Field of Glory: Empires, AGEod’s new Grand Strategy 4X game, is now available on digital stores. Choose one of the over 70 factions, each with its own set of traits and units, and forge an immortal empire able to survive the test of time.
Field of Glory Empires But beware: every time you conquer a new province, the “decadence” factor rises. No kingdom is safe, even the mightiest empire will face this challenge, like Rome did before collapsing

Field of Glory: Empires is unique also when it’s time to fight. Players can choose between a rapid resolution. watching the entire battle unfold or export it and play it to Field of Glory II. Be like Caesar and lead your legions (or phalanxes, or elephants, or warbands – your choice!) from the first line, and reverse desperate situations with few, valiant troops even if totally outnumbered – something impossible with the typical 4x battle “autoresolve”, where only numbers and maths matter.
AGEodYou can buy on Steam both games in a special bundle with an awesome 25% discount on the total – this also means that if you already have Field of Glory II and you buy Field of Glory: Empires with this bundle, you have immediately a 25% discount on the new game!

Field of Glory: Empires is developed by AGEod. It developed cornerstone strategy games like American Civil War, Wars of Succession and Birth of Rome.

Field of Glory: Empires is now available on PC. 

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