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Field of Glory Empires trailer

Now in the Ancient Language of Rome

AGEod’s new Grand Strategy game set in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, is nearing its release date: on July 11th, Armchair Imperators will have a new game to test their wits and conquer the known world, from the Mediterranean sea, up to chilly Caledonia or beyond the limes with German feral tribes.
Field of Glory
To celebrate this event, a few weeks back Slitherine published a “Two minutes trailer” explaining the major traits of the game. The same trailer is now officially released in old Latin, the language of Cicero and Tacitus.

Marketing Director Marco Minoli, from his seat in the Mediolanum Slitherine Headquarters and wearing his nicest Consular red robe, said “Empires melior quam Imperator ludus est” (Empires is a better game than Imperator), just minutes before appointing his horse as the new Global PR Manager – the previous one was last seen dragged into the Capital’s prison by Pretorian guards. Marco also promised, “If Field of Glory: Empires will sell more than 250.000 copies worldwide, we will release a full Latin version of our game“.

Field of Glory: Empires is developed by AGEod. It developed cornerstone strategy games like American Civil War, Wars of Succession and Birth of Rome.

Field of Glory: Empires is set to release only on PC on July 11th.

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