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Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm.


Matrix Games and developer On Target Simulations today release the next leap in Cold War grand tactical wargaming, Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm. Following up the success both with the critics and passionate wargamers of Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm, Southern Storm improves the series with a totally new, redesigned User Interface and User Experience. It also has Command and Control improvements, improved Artificial Intelligence with true battle planning, and real-world weather.

Flashpoint Campaigns

Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm is a grand tactical wargame set in the 1980s Cold War era centred on asynchronous WEGO turns, where the player commands battalion, brigade or regiment forces from their HQ on maps with 500m hexes of militarily significant terrain. It includes deep simulation of combat where player’s forces are maneuver units of companies down to sections in mixed or pure elements. Off-map assets (Air/Artillery/NBC), Electronic Warfare, Air Superiority, Weather, Line of sight and Fire, Terrain, and Human Factors are just a few of the modelled features.

Southern Storm

The game covers areas of Southern Germany on 40 plus maps with 29 scenarios and five campaigns with forces from the US, France, Canada, West Germany, Soviet Union, East Germany, and Czechoslovakia.

Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm is now available from Matrix Games store, with a full hard cover printed manual of 300 pages on request.

Cold War


  • Engage the enemy on 20km x 15km or larger rendered real-world map locations. Each hex is 500m of militarily significant terrain. Each battle can last 4 to 24 hours of in-game time.
  • Troops will meet their foes at any time of day and in any weather.
  • Players’ efforts in this complex battlespace will be constantly challenged by modelled features like Electronic Warfare, Air Superiority, Realistic Weather, Line of Sight and Fire, Terrain and Elevation, Smoke and Mines, and Human Factors like training, morale, and readiness. All these elements must be considered if you are to be victorious on the battlefield.
  • To help the player to navigate these critical factors, the game is packed with information dialogs, map overlays, and also includes range rings to aid you as Commander, enabling you to master the situation, and fully understand the capabilities of your forces.
  • Southern Storm covers areas of Southern Germany on 40 plus maps and an extensive selection of military equipment from 1980 to 1989. You will lead forces from the United States, France, Canada, West-Germany, Soviet Union, East-Germany, and Czechoslovakia. These nations will be fighting in many replayable scenarios and campaigns, both in solo efforts or with allied nations fighting by your side.
  • Players will be immersed in a data-rich simulation where each nation has information on things such as National Characteristics, Command Parameters, and Orders of Battle. Southern Storms Data Tables are packed with era-specific equipment and troops. Weapon Systems of the time such as guns, missiles, precision munitions, small arms, and much more are more comprehensively modelled than they ever were before.
  • As a toolkit, players can create their own scenarios and campaigns. There is also the ability to dive deeper and create or modify game data, artwork, and sound effects as you see fit. All these modding capabilities are supported by detailed documentation

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