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Imperiums: Greek Wars

Kube Games

Imperiums: Greek Wars 4x turn-based strategy set in ancient Greece due for release early 2020

There’s a bit of a buzz coming this week from indie game development studio Kube Games, the team behind  last year’s Aggressors: Ancient Rome, which got a lot of praise from the gaming community while also winning the best game design a the casual connect in London 2019
Imperiums Greek Wars.
Well now this creative team have just announced the impending release of their latest offering Imperiums: Greek Wars this historical turn based strategy game offers the mechanics as other 4x strategy games but also boasts a number of original features which is due out early 2020.
greek warsWhat makes this game truly unique is its mythological and questing layer. This is fully optional, so it won’t bother historical fans while adding a new depth to the traditional 4x genre. You can interact with mythological figures and creatures and set out on quests to find ancient treasures and follow in the steps of ancient heroes.

About the Game


359BC: Philip II of Macedon takes the throne from his infant nephew.


The economic, political, social, and military life of the empire is fully in your hands. Rule wisely and your nation will glorify you!


Relive the world of mythological figures as the ancient people believed it to be.


Become ruler, political leader, and supreme military commander. Survive, grow, conquer … and win!


Build your empire with political shrewdness and military might!


Create a world and set the challenge as high

For more information check the game out on steam

About Kube Games

Kube Games is an indie game development studio based out in the Czech Republic. We are enthusiasts who want to make their dream alive.




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