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Rise of Piracy Developer Spideog Studios partners for Adventure with Publisher MicroProse

Rise of Piracy Game

This thrilling collaboration promises to bring gamers an epic maritime adventure.

Rise of Piracy takes players on a swashbuckling journey through the high seas, where they can embrace the life of a pirate captain, build their crew, customize their ship, and explore a vast open world filled with danger and treasure. The game’s immersive world and engaging mechanics have already garnered a strong following, and with MicroProse’s support, it is set to reach even greater heights.

Rise of Piracy

The game focuses heavily on progression and growth. You will first be given a small ship and a handful of coins in your campaign. Complete missions and find treasure to build your economic strength and relations with the other factions. You can also choose to fight, board or sink other vessels for loot. Build up your fleet of ships and their crews to take on the most challenging tasks such as capturing islands. Defeating large colonial fleets in grand-scale naval warfare. Hunt pirates or long-lost treasures. Uncovering mysterious lands filled with dangers as you go.

Game Environment

Hundreds of hand-crafted environments, no procedural generation. Everything in Rise of Piracy is carefully crafted to be a new experience and challenge. Fully destructible environments and buildings allow you to level an island from afar via bombardment with your fleet. Talk to mayors of settlements and captains of fleets to uncover hidden lands, or find them yourself through exploration and investigation.

Piracy is optional. Choose to trade with over 200 commodities that can be found scattered around the world. Ports with specialized trading routes and dedicated merchants to trade with. Add trading ships to your fleet to maximize your transportation potential. Build relations with other factions to increase your trading effectiveness. Engaging in war, hunting bounties, or seeking hidden treasures are also viable means of building your bank.

pirate game


A deep diplomacy system allows relationships to grow between all factions. Engage in diplomacy with every faction you meet. AI factions will go to war with one another and their assets will change hands. Changing the balance of powers can impact your play style, increasing warship activity, and blocking trade routes.

Fill your fleet with over 30 playable ships from 1600 – 1900, from the light and fast Carousel to the tremendous firepower but limited manoeuvrability that comes with the 120 Gunship of the Line. Taverns provide a great place to hire crewmen for your fleet. Fill your ships with specialized crew. Use them to board hostile ships, or invade and capture islands to secure passive income. Hostile actions will have consequences amongst the factions – fleets of pirate hunters are constantly seeking bounties. Campaign difficulty will grow dynamically and remain challenging no matter how strong players get.

Key Features

  • Hundreds of hand-crafted environments for a rich adventure and exploration experience
  • Fully destructible environments and buildings to show the consequences of your actions
  • Over 200 commodities to trade, specialized trading routes, and factions relations that influence your trading potential
  • A deep diplomacy system that allows players to achieve goals with less violence
  • Over 30 playable ships from 1600-1900, fillable with specialized crew
  • Multiplayer with team-based and individual combat available
sea war game

Team Based

Take to one of the arenas to battle in team-based or individual combat. Sink your enemies using a choice of ships with varying strengths and weaknesses.

For all the latest updates, news, and sneak peeks into Rise of Piracy, we invite gamers and enthusiasts to join our Discord community or follow us on Twitter. Rise of Piracy will be released for PC on Steam late 2024. 

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About Spideog Studios

Spideog Studios is an innovative indie game studio on a mission to revolutionize the strategy game genre. The company embarked on this journey four years ago, driven by a vision to breathe new life into classic gaming mechanics. Spideog Studios places a strong emphasis on community feedback, making it an integral part of their development process. At its core, Spideog Studios is a team of passionate gamers with a profound love for strategy games. Drawing inspiration from overlooked classics in the genre, they are committed to crafting experiences that capture the essence of these beloved titles.

With a background in game jams, the team brings creativity and innovation to the forefront. They thrive on problem-solving and design, continuously iterating to improve their work. Spideog Studios has successfully established itself as a game development studio, with the objective of not only releasing ‘Rise of Piracy’ but also creating future gaming ventures. Spideog Studios is your destination for a reimagined strategy gaming experience, guided by a commitment to both the art of game development and the gaming community.

About MicroProse

MicroProse, founded in 1982, is a world-famous simulation software company known for developing groundbreaking, classics and cult titles. Today, MicroProse is not only remaking select classics from its past but also paving the road to next-generation, state-of-the-art games that will create the memories and experiences of the demanding new generations of gamers.

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